FAO Schwarz reopens its store in New York to massive interest

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FAO Schwarz reopens its store in New York to massive interest
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Rob Young

The demise of Toys R Us told us that there’s no interest in big toy stores. Or maybe it did just the opposite and ignited it back? FAO Schwarz thinks so.

FAO Schwarz reopened its iconic toy store in the center of New York City. There was a line of people around the block who wanted to be among the first to visit it, NBC New York reports.

People of all ages were waiting in line to get in to check the FAO Schwarz magic once again. And along with all of the classics, there are some new activities to check out.

One of them is the Discovery Science Lab. It demonstrates the cool stuff science kits, which FAO Schwarz sells, can do. You can see exactly what they do, learn new stuff, check out a microscope with cool slides and more.

There’s also a race track with a pit crew. You can customize a race car down to the latest details and have one unique just for you. Then the pit crew adds a motor and a remote control. You can then try your car on the race track and of course buy it and own it and drive it everywhere.

For fans of magic, there’s Marvin’s Magic Corner. There are demonstrations of how tricks work, what the kits do and a lot more.

There’s also the Adoption Center. Here kids can choose to “adopt” dolls. Kids go through a special process with “interview”, paperwork and so on. It’s interactivity on a whole new level.

Of course, the big piano is still here, personalized stuffed animals, special toys, exclusives and everything else you’re used to, is also in the store. So, there’s a lot to do and check out. Definitely visit the store if you’re in New York or going to the city.