FAO Schwarz is coming to Dublin with a big flagship store

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FAO Schwarz is coming to Dublin with a big flagship store
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Rob Young

FAO Schwarz is doing quite well and is expanding to new countries. The popular toy store chain is coming to Dublin with a big new flagship store.

The store will open this October and it will be in the department store Arnotts, The Independent.ie reports. And it will not be alone. The store will be joined by Pottery Barn with its big nursery range.

But back to FAO Schwarz. The store will cover 6000 sq ft and will have about 40 to 50 employees. And the store will bring some of its FAO Schwarz magic like the clock tower (a replica of it) along with toy trains and soldiers.

The giant piano will also be there along with lots of various toys. From classic stuffed animals, to a doll adoption center, to high-tech toys.

Stuffed animals will get a special place. They will also be among some of the most expensive toys as the store will offer giant plushies for €1600. Of course, there will also be lots and lots of cheaper stuffed animals and toys for about €40 to €50 and some toys will be even cheaper.

As always, FAO Schwarz will focus not only on selling toys, but the in store experience. So, there will always be plenty of activities for the entire family, Arnotts promises.