Famous teddy bear designer honored in the Heartland Museum

Famous teddy bear designer honored in the Heartland MuseumCreating teddy bears might seem like a simple job to many, but it really isn’t. You have to put a lot of emotions and feelings into your creations.

So, you have to have a lot to give away so to speak. Steve Schutt is one of these people. He’s quite famous for his unique teddy bears which he started making in 1980.

His work is now remembered and honored in a new museum exhibition. The Iowa Teddy Bear Museum is within the Heartland Museum. Visitors can go there and see Schutt’s work and see a lot about the history of the teddy bears as a whole, Radio Iowa reports.

“Steve Schutt was a very well known artist, teddy bear artist, throughout the United States and the world. He created a lot of teddy bears for Boyds Bears and we have a lovely display of bears that he created here in the museum”, Melody Lager, a spokeswoman for the Heartland Museum in Clarion, says. Schutt died in March at age 66.

“We have several large window displays filled,” Lager says. “We also have vignettes, smaller teddy bears doing different things like teddy bear picnics and teddy bears resting at home.”

This isn’t the first time Clarion is hosting teddy bears. The Teddy Bear Reunion has been in Clarion four times over the years, most recently in 2010. This is an event where teddy bear collectors from around the US gather at one place to share their passion and collections.

The Teddy Bear Museum will be open on Saturday, Sept. 30th and then by appointment.