Famous gamers and streamers get their own figures and universe with Wicked Cool Toys

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Famous gamers and streamers get their own figures and universe with Wicked Cool ToysIf you ever wanted a sure sign how times are changing this is it. Now you can get so famous on the Internet that you get your own toy lines and games.

This is exactly what is happening with famous gamers and streamers right now. Many of them are launching their own brands. And some are coming together in one common universe.

That is happening thanks to Wicked Cool Toys which is introducing its new LAMO universe, ToyNews reports. LAMO will bring together popular gamers, collectible figures and video games.

The first step is the LAMO vinyl collection of figures. It will feature Ninja, summit1g, TimTheTatman, LIRIK, and Dr. DisRespect among others. This will also come with an interactive AR (Augmented Reality) app and a digital battle game.

Each figure can activate the LAMO AR app and gives additional in-game digital bonuses. Among them are new models, skins and vehicles. Players can use all of these bonuses in the LAMO Land game as well.

The first five LAMO figures are already making their ways to Target and GameStop where they are exclusive to. There’s also a special LAMO site where fans can get the toys as well. The LAMO game is nearing a closed Alpha test, so it’s still a bit early on.

Wicked Cool Toys is already working on more collectible figures for the LAMO line. It will feature additional characters from video games and pop culture.