Ex-NBA star got banned from county fair for winning all stuffed animals

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Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas is not playing professionally for a while but he still has skills. They got him banned for winning all stuffed animals at a county fair.

We just got banned from all the basketball hoops at #orangecountyfair…every one screamed #theRimsarebent I screamed #hibachi …#ArenasFamily #CountyFairRockstars

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The story is somewhat amusing. Arenas went to an Orange County fair over the weekend with his four children. He went to the hoops game and naturally scored a lot of point. Quite a lot. While doing so he won a stuffed animal after stuffed animal.

It wasn’t until later that he got informed the fair has a limit of 15 prizes per day. That’s all fine, but then the staff at the fair told Arenas he must leave. That created a confusion he is banned forever. It was then clarified that he is banned just for the day and come back again.

Arenas himself didn’t seem too much fazed by that. Instead he took a picture of himself and his children all buried in the stuffed animals he won that day. And it is quite a good haul actually. It includes a giant Minion, a big pink teddy bear and quite a few other stuffies.

The Orange County fair imposed this limit of 15 prizes per day back in 2013. The reason? There are too many sports celebrities in the county who have also won too many prizes at fairs.

During his winning streak at the hoops, Arenas brought back his signature catchphrase, “Hibachi!” As an NBA star, Arenas would allude to the type of grill to say that his shots were hot enough to cook food.

The stuffed animals are not Arenas’ only big win. The 33-year-old player is still receiving a large salary, Business Insider reports. Despite having not played a single NBA game during the 2013-2014 basketball season, Arenas earned $22.3 million. Even on his retired salary, the star was the 30th highest paid athlete in the world in 2014 because the Orlando Magic had employed their “amnesty” rule when cutting him from the team in 2011.