Ewan the Dream Sheep helps your baby to fall asleep

Ewan the Dream Sheep helps your baby to fall asleepBabies often can’t fall asleep easy. Ewan the Dream Sheep is a stuffed animal that actually can help you out. It has even impressed rich investors.

Usually babies feel uneasy and cry a lot. This puts pressure on their parents as well which reflects on the baby and the crying gets louder. Ewan can help you out.

The small cute stuffed sheep emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency. It also has a calming pink glow. This combination soothes babies and toddlers.

The sounds Ewan emits are all real recordings. They are recordings of the sounds of a heartbeat and womb. It is what the baby hears before being born and it has a calming effect.

There are also four different “pink noise” recordings of rain, vacuum cleaner and harp that are mixed with the womb sounds and heartbeat. The sounds play for 20 minutes which usually is more than enough to put to sleep even the most restless baby.

Ewan has proven to be quite effective and his popularity is growing. Recently the company that makes him, Sweet Dreamers, has participated in an investing competition called Pitch to Rich.

Investors liked the project and granted it a place on the next round of the competition. Sweet Dreamers join SnoozeShade and breathable sun and sleep shade, Gummee Glove, a teething mitten, Mama Designs and TidyBooks, a collection of kids’ bookcases.Over the coming two weeks, each pitch will be analysed by the #VOOM team to determine the successful ten among the Grow category to go through to the final, Toy News reports.

The semi-finalists will be announced on May 19th. The finale will be on June 26th 2015. Each of the companies is participating to win a share of the 1 million British pounds prize fund.

You can also check out Ewan the Dream Sheep in action in the video below.