Etsy shops race to offer Baby Yoda toys, Disney isn’t happy

Etsy shops race to offer Baby Yoda toysBaby Yoda turned out to be an unexpectedly huge hit with Star Wars fans. So much, that they want Baby Yoda toys and merchandise right now.

Sadly, in order to keep the surprise, Disney didn’t tell anyone about it beforehand. Even toy makers didn’t know, so that’s why the started to work on Baby Yoda toys after the character debuted on The Mandalorian on Disney+.

This means most Baby Yoda toys will hit the stores in the Spring at the earliest. And what can fans with no patience do?

Well, they turn to Etsy, Mashable reports. The popular online platform for small sellers and hobbyists allows them to sell their creations.

They naturally saw the huge interest for Baby Yoda toys and were happy to oblige. There are lots of toys and Baby Yoda variations on Etsy already.

This creates a problem for them. Disney naturally doesn’t want this as it’s a form of copyright infringement. So, it’s starting to issue requests to Etsy to take down such items or at the least not use the official names of them. This lowers the page visits to those pages by a lot.

This probably won’t slow down the makers in thinking of ways to circumvent the banned words. It will make it more difficult for people to find them, though. In any way, Disney might want to hurry up with the Baby Yoda toys in order not to miss out on the high demand too much.