Are there enough stuffed animals for adults

Stuffed animals for adults are greatYou loved stuffed animals as a kid and you still buy soft toys after you grew up. Maybe even you have special places for them in your home. With time one specific quesion may arise by those around you: “Aren’t these enough stuffed animals for adults? You know, since you are one?”

The short answer to this is no. But you will need more than that to prove your point. The easiest way is to show them this web site for them to see that there are other people who also share this hobby. But again, probably you will need a little bit more than that. So we are here to help you out.

The good sides of stuffed animals for adults

Soft toys are great for many purposes. They can be a nice alternative decoration to your home for example. Or you can find help in them when times are tough and you’re sad.

Scientists for example have said that a great way to relax after a stressful day is to hug a big furry dog for a few minutes. I have a big furry dog and know from experience that this is true. But what if you can’t afford the time and/or money to take care of a real dog?

Well, a big furry stuffed dog or other animal can be just as effective. And the good part is the toy won’t get impatient with you after a couple of minutes and want to be let go.

On another side, this is a great hobby to have. It’s not that expensive, nor dangerous or harmful in any way or anyone. Actually quite the opposite. Many charity organizations are selling soft toys and the proceeds go for important causes. So actually you are helping even if a little.

Stuffed animals are also a great way to express yourself and expand your creativity, This usually happens without you realizing this is actually happening. But it is and it’s great.

And also don’t forget about statistics. A study by Travelodge shows that in 2012 a total of 35% of British adults sleep with a teddy bear. 51% still keep their childhood teddy bear.

10% of adult women say they view their stuffed toys as friends. Even more impressive – 25% of men say they’d bring their teddy bear along for a business trip. It’s nice to have some familiar company when you’re abroad, isn’t it?

Overall there are many great reason why you should’nt hide the fact that you’re an adult that loves stuffed animals. Stuffed animals for adults is a great hobby and it should be supported, not laughed at.

Do you have other reasons why stuffed animals for adults are a great thing? Or some more questions? Share them in the comments below or in our forum.