Elon Musk sent a small toy to space with Falcon Heavy and created a new sales hit

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Elon Musk sent a small toy to space with Falcon Heavy and created a new sales hitIn the beginning of February 2018 Elon Musk’s company SpaceX made history as it launched its most powerful rocked yet – the Falcon Heavy. It had a very special load – a real car and… a small HotWheels toy car model of the real thing. You can guess what followed.

Yes, people now want that same toy car. They want it badly. The tiny HotWheels model of the Tesla Roadster is secured on the top middle of the dashboard of the real car. It’s in space right now.

This HotWheels Tesla Roadster model was released a few years ago. There are two versions with different finishes. It’s not clear which one SpaceX used for the space mission. Either way, both are seeing their online listing prices skyrocket, no pun intended… well, maybe a little.

The original price was only a few dollars. Now though it can get between $50 and $100 in online listings. What’s more, people actually buy it at that price.

Yep, that’s quite the big gain for such a small toy. And it’s all down to the great marketing campaign of SpaceX. But Mattel doesn’t get the revenue since it already sold it.

And if you manage to find the model in the toy stores, you’d still pay the original lower price. So, that see a better deal. If Mattel is clever, they would quickly do a collaboration with SpaceX and launch the actual model they used for the space mission. That model would also have to have a Star Man toy figurine as per the real car and the toy car SpaceX used. Now that would be quite the big seller.