Eco friendly toys are going to be a new norm

Eco friendly toys are going to be a new normEcology is a very important topic in pretty much everything. Including toys. That’s why the top toy companies are working hard on eco friendly toys.

Mattel, Hasbro and Lego have all received warnings to put more effort in eco friendly toys, ToyNews reports. That warning is coming from BioBuddi which makes sustainable toys.

Job Nijssen, general manager at BioBuddi feels the top three toy companies aren’t doing enough in this area. “By next year, we will be there in the market with a lot of the bigger retailers. Consumers are becoming very aware of the issues around plastic waste and they want to change the way they shop,” Nijseen told ToyNews.

He adds: “Yes, price is still getting in the way, but if you look at the food market, people are paying more for the food that is ethically sourced and sustainable. Toys are luxury items, but we are beginning to see the consumer willing to spend more for ‘green’ toys.

Nijseen expects that eco friendly toys are going to become very popular in the US and Europe. “Guys like Hasbro, Mattel and LEGO – if they are not responding quickly enough to this change, they will their market share”, he says.

Mattel, Hasbro and LEGO are all working on using more eco friendly materials. LEGO is also working on new materials which eventually could change the entire process of making the famous toy bricks. The company has said it plans to be 100% “green” by 2030. Still, some feel like that’s too long. One thing is certain, eco friendly toys will for sure become a norm over the next few years.