Ebola plush toy rises in popularity

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Ebola plush toy
Image credit: GIANTmicrobes

The deadly Ebola virus has been in the headlines for a lot of time now. Some companies are now trying to use that momentum to their advantage and are creating some…lets say, interesting, ideas. Like for example an Ebola plush toy.

Believe or not there’s actually such a thing now. A company called GIANTmicrobes has made a plush toy that resembels the Ebola virus with a few small differences.

For one, it is far from deadly. Two, it actually looks kinda cute with that added eyes (the actual virus dosen’t have eyes of course). And three the plush toy is about a million or so times bigger than the actual Ebola virus.

The company bills the toy as a “uniequely contagious gag gift” which may be a bit on the edge considering what the virus has already done. The toy also comes with a card that has extra information about the virus. This card has a lot more serious information though and shows that while it may have a funny side, the toy’s main goal is educational.

The Ebola plush toy – a major success

Despite the sensitive subject, the toy is proving a big hit for the company. Its representatives say to Breitbart News that their Ebola-related toys have been selling out. And while some people to get them for gag gifts, there’s also interest from public schools and other educational institutions that want to raise awareness to the issue.

Actually the company has been a bit ahead of the curve here. It has been making the Ebola plush toy for a few years now but it only rose to fame since the virus got major attention around the world. The company now notes that people have started to seek all kinds of Ebola-related toys.

Luckily the company also says it has had no issues despite the sensitive topic. Their representative says people are open to the subject, see the educational point and value and understand the topic better.