Don’t miss out joining us in our forum!

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Don't miss out joining us in our forum!Stuffed animals collectors, unite! We want to officially invite you to our special forum dedicated to stuffed animals. It is time to share the great hobby!

As we often say, half of the fun of a hobby is being able to share it with likeminded people. This is why we have created the StuffedParty Forums where collectors and fans of stuffed animals from all over the world can join and share and discuss all things plush. Don’t worry, we don’t neglect other toys and we have a special section dedicated to them. Pets are welcome, too!

The StuffedParty Forums are slowly getting ground and are joined by more and more people. All of them are passionate about the hobby and want to meet other people like them. If you know about this site, chances are you are a big fan of stuffed animals, too. So don’t miss out this chance and join us!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a big collection to show off. What matters is the passion you have for the hobby, not the quantity or quality of the toys you have. Come join us and let’s make new friends and have fun! The StuffedParty Forums are waiting for you!