Do you remember this classic 90s stuffed animal – Pooch Patrol?

Do you remember this classic 90s stuffed animal - Pooch Patrol?Stuffed animals are known protectors from ghosts and other scary things. Some wanted to be better at it than others, like the classic Pooch Patrol.

It was a classic stuffed animal from the 90s. Recently, it made the CBR list of forgotten 90s toys. Pooch Patrol was definitely unique.

It wanted to be two things in one. At first sight, it was your typical smiling and cute stuffed animal. Hardly scary enough to be a protector.

But Pooch Patrol could also get quite angry. Flip up his top lip and move the eyebrows and he goes from friendly to fearless. This way Pooch Patrol can protect you from the scary things.

Sadly, there wasn’t that much demand for an angry looking stuffed animal. So Pooch Patrol got only a single run. Today, this means this one is a proper stuffed animal classic.

And it also seems Pooch Patrol was simply ahead of its time. It’s pretty much the predecessor of today’s Feisty Pets which are actually quite popular. So, there you have it. Pooch Patrol came about 20 years too soon, but now it can relieve the magic as a stuffed classic.