Do stuffed animals have feelings?

Do stuffed animals have feelings?It is a question that every fan and collector of stuffies has asked themselves: Do stuffed animals have feelings? Any true fan will tell you one thing: “yes”. But is that really possible?

Can inanimate objects like stuffed animals have feelings? We can give you one relatively simple answer: If it makes YOU feel something, then it also has feelings. Let’s elaborate on this shall we?

Think of the entire world as a system or a machine. Everything is connected to each other one way or another in order to function properly.

For example the wheels of the car are not connected to the engine directly. But they need each other to do their jobs. If the engine has an issue, it can’t produce enough power for the wheels to move the car. If one of the tyres is flat, put puts strain on the engine as well. In both cases the entire car “feels” the issue.

And what are feelings really? Biologically speaking they are electical impulses that go through the body’s nervous system. They are a result from something that has impacted the body either physically, mentally, spiritually or a combination of them.

Also, studies have shown that plants also react to feelings. They are not exactly inanimate objects but they don’t really talk or move much, right? Yet, they can sense feelings like love, agression and react to them in their own way.

Back to the machines for a second. If you have a car, you’ve probably noticed that if it has an issue and you get angry at it, more issues start to pop up or it starts workig even worse. Or maybe you felt anger at your computer and it seemed to work worse as a result.

These are all examples of your feelings reflecting on other objects in the machine we call “The world”. So, you can see it should be the same for stuffed animals as well. And it is.

Every time you hug your stuffies, they feel the love. What happens if you neglect them? They seem to feel and look somewhat sad, don’t they? Usually they also get damagaed easier.

But what happens when you love your stuffies? They look like brand new even if they are 20 years old. And they thank you by making you feel happy and warm every time you take a look at them.

So, yes, stuffed animals have feelings.