Disney’s Pete’s Dragon Elliot gets a Build-A-Bear treatment

Disney's Pete's Dragon Elliot gets a Build-A-Bear treatmentDisney is releasing a remake of Pete’s Dragon in movie form. To celebrate, Build-A-Bear has made a special Pete’s Dragon Elliot stuffed animal.

Pete’s Dragon is a movie first made way back in 1977. It was one of the first movie featuring an animated character playing along live action scenes and with real actors.

This week the remake of the movie has its premiere. Critics already said they quite like the remake with Variety saying it’s one of this year’s pleasant movie surprises.

Pete’s Dragon Elliot is a great story

The story is still quite similar to the original movie. It is set in 1982 when the forest ranger Grace Meacham comes across a young boy who lived in the woods for six year with a dragon names Elliott.

Grace sets to find the boy’s identity and story with the help of friends. Of course, having a dragon though draws a lot of attention and soon some problems arise. The movie shows us the story of friendship.

And now Pete’s Dragon Elliot has it’s own Build-A-Bear version. It looks quite awesome and it’s complete with wings, dragon tail and cool fur.

Of course, there are several additional accessories to go along with it. Also, there’s a sound chip and new Pete’s Dragon T-shirt and hoodie which can be used with any other Build-A-Bear teddy bear. Of course, the stuffed dragon and all of the additional accessories are already in Build-A-Bear Workshops and in the online store.