Disney unveils new Star Wars Tsum Tsums stuffed toys

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Disney unveils new Star Wars Tsum Tsums stuffed toysDisney is expanding the Tsum Tsums line with not one, but twelve stuffed toys based on the most popular Star Wars characters. The new toys will be exclusive only for Disney Store.

Tsum Tsum is one of Disney Store’s most popular plush toy lines. It features small stuffed toys which are usually just the head of a famous character in a more cartoonish style.

It was first introduced in 2013 and has grown to be so popular it has actually expanded into home decor, accessories and many more other segments. The core Tsum Tsums also remain popular and now, they finally get Star Wars to join them.

“With a unique mix of charming design and collectability, Disney Tsum Tsum has solidified its place as one of the latest Japanese pop culture crazes to go global, and we are thrilled to introduce Star Wars characters to this ever-popular line,” says Paul Gainer, executive vice president of Disney retail.

The Star Wars Tsum Tsum toys will feature Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Han Solo, R2-D2, Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Yoda, C-3PO, Ewok and a Stormtrooper. Before you ask, “Where is Rey?” or other characters from The Force Awakens, let us note that the initial Star Wars Tsum Tsums feature characters from the original three movies.

If the run is successful, and we have little doubts it won’t be, then you can expect characters from the other Star Wars movie to join the line. But for now you should be covered with 12 Star Wars Tsum Tsum stuffed toys.

“Disney Tsum Tsum has proven to be a true fan favorite and we look forward to delivering more exciting offerings in the future”, Gainer adds, teasing that new Tsum Tsums are already in the pipeline.

The new Star Wars Tsum Tsum collection is expected to launch on February 16th in Disney Stores and online across the US, Japan and Europe.