Disney shows the first trailer of The Lion King remake

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Disney shows the first trailer of The Lion King remakeThe Lion King is one of Disney’s most powerful stories. The original came in 1994 but animation has changed a lot since then. So, in 2019 there’s a remake coming.

It will be basically the same movie, but with entirely new, much more realistic computer animation. There are also new voices for the characters, ToyNews reports.

The movie has the voices of Beyonce as Nala, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, James Earl Jones as Mufasa and Donald Glover Jr as Simba.

The director of The Jungle Book takes the helm and Hans Zimmer has made new soundtrack for it. It includes songs by Elton John and Tim Race, too.

The Lion King will hit the cinemas in the summer of 2019. The first trailer is already here and looks quite powerful.

So, it shapes up to be quite the movie. And it also means a lot more new Lion King toys and merchandise coming, too. Hopefully cool stuffed animals to match the new looks of the characters, too.