Disney rolls out new line of smart stuffed animals

Disney rolls out new line of smart stuffed animalsDisney is ready with the new line of smart stuffed animals that will be able to interact with kids via a smartphone app. The main focus is educational, but you will also be able to have fun with the toys.

The new line of smart stuffed animals is called Disney Imagicademy. They are developed for children ages 3 to 8 with the main focus bein on education. Imagicademy will include more than 30 apps that are focusing on topics like science, languages, math, Elpasonic reports.

Another set of apps will be centered around developiong social skills and getting the children to know their emotions. The smart stuffed animals will be able to talk to the kids and will respond to the app activity. They will be able to provide encouragement for a job well done and tips if the player is having difficulties.

Some of the toys are developed with the company called Smart Toy. They will be in the stores later this summer and some of the apps are already available on the app stores of Android and iOS. They cost 4.99 dollars a pop for the full feature set. There are also five-packs of app sets that cost 19.99 dollars and also give the full experience for each app.

Bob Chapek, who is the president of Disney Consumer Products, says the company knows what responsibilities it has with these new educational apps and smart stuffed animals. He adds Disney will be developing it as a full-on brand and it will be a very long term commitment.

Disney Imagicademy is developed with the advice and support of several experts in the fields of education.¬†Despite that Disney will be branding the Imagicademy line as “learning” and not “educational” as there are different connotations with the words. The apps and smart stuffed animals will not be a replacement for schools and traditional education.¬†They will be an additional layer that will add some interactive and more fun ways to learn new stuff.