Disney releases the first wave of Cars 3 toys including plush vehicles

Disney releases the first wave of Cars 3 toys including plush vehiclesThe cinema release of Cars 3 is about a month and a half away. Even so, Disney is releasing the first wave of themed toys right now. Including a plush car.

Cars is one of the current most popular franchises Disney and Pixar have. There are a lot of fans of Lighting McQueen and his friends.

The movies are also heaven for toys as they give tons and tons of opportunities for new ideas. Cars 3 will also take full advantage of that.

Disney has prepared an extensive line-up of toys from several companies. Mattel, Posh Paws, Revell, LEGO and several more companies are all making toys for Cars 3.

One of the first releases by Mattel is the Cars 3 Transforming Willy‚Äôs Butte track which boasts three ways to play and comes with a Lightning McQueen car. LEGO makes Flo’s Cafe in the Duplo line.

And Posh Paws is releasing a 10-inch plush Jackson Storm car. It will also be available in other sizes, too. The plush is an ideal companion for the movie and for many hugs and play times. Also look out for the Cars 3 Deluxe Lightning McQueen Race Suit Costume by Rubies Masquerade. There will be many, many toys and the ones mentioned above are already out in the stores. So, keep an eye out for them and for more coming!