Disney releases Star Wars and Frozen 2 toys at the same time

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Disney releases Star Wars and Frozen 2 toys at the same timeDisney is going to have a very busy end of the year. The company will release two highly anticipated movies – Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Disney even introduced new toys for both movies at the same time. It was the Triple Force Friday event for Star Wars as Disney introduced the TV show, video game and the new movie.

Frozen fans had the Frozen Fan Fest during the past week. There most of the tows made their debut.

As you can expect, there’s plenty of variety with the toys. For both movies there are lots of new action figures with the main characters.

But there’s also new stuff like an interactive droid D-O toy which comes with a USB port connection. There are also new bobble-heads and a lot more.

Frozen 2 action figures

Basically both movies span the entire product categories as much as they can. There are new Frozen 2 stuffed animals, too.

Both movies enjoy huge interest and demand. “I expect that ‘Star Wars’ will remain among the top-selling properties for 2019, as it has been for over a decade,” said Juli Lennett, an analyst with NPD, to Bloomberg. “Where it lands depends on the Force.”

It’s definitely going to be a very interesting and dynamic season for movie and toy fans. So, strap in and enjoy the ride as this is just the first wave of toys. More will come around the movie’s debuts and afterwards if the movies are successful enough.