Disney releases new Winnie the Pooh collection, but it’s not plush

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Disney releases new Winnie the Pooh collection, but it's not plushWe all normally would immediately think about stuffed animals when we hear the word “Winnie the Pooh”. But Disney has something new for us.

The Epcot World Showcase Winnie the Pooh Collection wants us to add some Pooh-ness to our homes. It features lots of home accessories with Pooh and his friends.

The collection will make every home feel that much more like the Hundred Acre Wood. It features lots of clothes and accessories with a Pooh theme.

The collection has T-shirts, blankets, pillows, even jewelry. There’s also tea and coffee mugs for those cute mornings.

All of the items feature Pooh and friends decorations and all of them are in the classic drawing style, not the later ones. On some you will see the whole gang, on others – only part of them. There are also inspiring quotes on some of the items which come from Pooh or A.A. Milne. The collection is already out.