Disney preps for a huge year for themed toys

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Disney preps for a huge year for themed toysDisney is preparing for a very huge year for toys as it will be big on several franchises from Star Wars and other big movies it has planned. The company unveiled some details about its plans at the 2016 Nuremberg International Toy Fair.

Disney is really hyped about the year and thinks it will have some huge success. This makes all more interested to find out what is the company planning that it is so big.

Naturally Star Wars will have a center spot in the company’s plans. The Force Awakens was and is a huge success. Toy companies are still working on new toys that are themed and based on the movie and Disney is more than happy to sell them licenses to do that.

With the DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie still upcoming, there will be another huge wave of Star Wars frenzy. The toy manufacturers are bound to try and capture this second wave. Disney is only saying that there will be “exciting developments” around the toys for the movie.

The movie studio is saying the same about it’s other two major brands – Marvel and Disney. Specifically Disney Princess, Cars and Frozen have a big representation in Nuremberg which means they will also be a major part of the company’s plans for the year.

So, Disney fans, prepare for a huge year of toys that will include action figures, stuffed animals, play sets and pretty much anything else you can think of. There will also be many different games, including video games. During the Nuremberg International Toy Fair the company showed of the new video game Disney Infinity 3.0. It is only one of several new games we can expect during the upcoming year.

And don’t worry. Rey will be a big part of the new toys and will be featured along with all of the rest of the important characters from Star Wars The Force Awakens.