Disney might be working on a real lightsaber

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Disney might be working on a real lightsaberThe lightsaber is one of the iconic elements from Star Wars. There are many toys, but they fail to capture the real magic. Disney just might do it, tough.

According to several news outlets, including Quartz, Disney is working on a real lightsaber. Disclaimer – it will just look like the ones in the movies, it won’t have the same capabilities.

Even so, fans have been aching to get realistic looking lightsabers for decades. Finally, Disney might provide.

Disney’s real lightsaber

According to ToyNews Disney has designed a device which projects a beam of light from a hilt. The company has even filed documents to patent its creation. It’s quite a complicated system.

It features a system of drones, laser beams and reflective devices. The drones will locate a hilt by sensing the infrared light which is emitted from it. Then the drone will project a laser beam to the hilt.

The beam will pass through water vapor or some other type of fog which will make the beam seem stronger. It will also have a way of making it seem that the beam comes from the hilt, not from the drone.

Disney hasn’t commented the new creation. It is not clear whether it will be sold as a toy. It is also not clear whether the drone will be part of the set. The company is not saying what will the price be.

Sadly, Disney is only providing some info for its lightsaber. It says it will allow people to make theme park features, theatrical performances and other such activities.

So far, Disney is not saying if it has created a working prototype of the lightsaber. How easy is to make one will decide the entire future of the project.