Disney makes a Christopher Robin live-action movie with top names

Disney makes a Christopher Robin live-action movie with top namesDisney’s new thing is to remake its popular animated movies into live-action flicks. It’s now working on a Winnie the Pooh movie called Christopher Robin.

The movie will revolve around the story of Christopher Robin. We will see how he meets Pooh and how they become friends.

The movie though will have a different set of events than the original book. Instead as a child, we will see Christopher Robing as a hard working adult.

So hard working, he’s neglecting his family. At that point Pooh will come back into his life and everything will start to change. We will also see the Hundred Acre Wood along with Piglet, Tigger and pretty much all of the rest of the beloved characters. They will be animated, while the people will be real.

Disney is getting some big names for the movie, too. Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom McCarthy will rewrite the script and add some changes to the now completed first draft, Gizmodo reports.

Marc Foster will direct the movie. He’s other projects include Finding Neverland and The Jungle Book. We will soon learn the names of the actors in the movie, too.

Until then, here are some cool fact about Winnie the Pooh.