Disney Junior readies new Doc McStuffins Pet Vet show

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Disney Junior readies new Doc McStuffins Pet Vet show

Disney Junior is almost ready with the new show for Doc McStuffins: Pet Vet. The series will show us the adventures of stuffed animals’ favorite doctor.

Doc McStuffins is a great character that increases in popularity. She is a stuffed animals veterinary and in the new series we will get to see her opening a new practice in her backyard clinic. During the episodes we will get to see Doc McStuffins treat stuffed animals and other toys, curing them and fixing them.

We’ve already talked about Doc McStuffins here on StuffedParty. Doc McStuffins has inspired people to become real doctors and help animals and people. The character also inspired the “We Are Doc McStuffins” campaign to help show children anybody can become a doctor and help others.

The new episodes are presented in collaboration with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Solid Gold Holistic Pet Food and Nationwide, JustJarredJunior reports. The episodes begin August 14th from 9 AM on both Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

You can see the first teaser from the show right here:

So get your stuffies ready for their check-up. The doctor will be ready to see them pretty soon. Don’t worry, she is great with stuffies.