Disney introduces surprise plush toys shaped like snacks

Disney introduces surprise plush toys shaped like snacksDisney is feeling a bit hungry. So, the company introduced a new line of stuffed toys. They come in surprise boxes which are in the shapes of snack boxes.

Yes, you can get a “drink” with “ice”, or a box of “popcorn”. They are in the colors and shapes of the snack boxes at Disney World and Disneyland.

And they are mystery bags. It means you don’t know which one you will get. Open them up and you get one of the characters from the Disney Wishables line.

They are all shaped like foods. For example like the Mickey cotton candy, churros, turkey legs and more. All of them feature embroidered faces and details and are small, cute and huggable.

Some of the Wishables plushies will also look like characters. For example, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Stitch and more. Some will be shaped like foods, too.

These plushies are a limited release and you can get them online. Most of them are sold out, but they might return for a bit or for a restock. So, keep an eye out.