Disney debuts a huge new line of Captain America toys

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Disney debuts a huge new line of Captain America toys
Image credit: Disney

Disney has debuted a huge new line of Captain America toys. There are action figures, playsets, costumes, masks, gloves and many more various toys.

The toys are in part inspired by the latest movie Captain America: Civil War. The Disney Store will carry the full set of toys and other goodies that stem from the movie and from the Captain America franchise as a whole.

The toys are already on the Disney Store online and are starting to pop up at physical stores as well. There is quite a big selection which will make all Captain America fans happy.

Among the toys there will be the expected assortment of action figures based on the most popular characters in the movie. They will carry additional accessories, also seen in the movie. One of the highlights is a talking Captain America action figure.

There are also Captain America mask and shield, Iron Man Gauntlet gloves. You will also be able to choose from different costumes and many playsets. It is also safe to say, that if the movie is successful, there will be a lot more toys to come.

We personally are hoping for Tsum Tsum versions of Captain America, Iron Man and all of the rest of the characters. Also other plushies may be welcomed, by the fans. We will have to wait and see what else will be on offer.