Disney and Uniqlo just launched a new product line

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Disney and Uniqlo just launched a new product line
Image credit: Uniqlo

Disney and fashion brand Uniqlo just launched their new product line. It features many shirts, pajamas and even stuffed animals of Mickey Mouse and friends.

The product line is called Magic For All and it will feature several limited edition plush versions of Mickey Mouse. They will be made out of several different fabrics and have a really nostalgic feel to them following the classic shape and appearance of Mickey Mouse.

Uniqlo and Disney’s partnership will be also featuring and entire concept store to be opened late in September in Shanghai. “Our collaboration with the Disney Products Company is not simply about products; it is about a positive and joyful expression whenever you enter the world of Disney,” company executive John Jay said in a press release. “The new advertising campaign shows how there is a Mickey or a Minnie in all of us, no matter our age or position in life.”

Most of the items will be priced between $10 and $35. The Mickey Mouse stuffed animals will be $24.90 as of this writing. All of the designs for all the clothes will also follow the classic nostalgic look of Disney’s characters. Given that the fashion world is also setting up for a fall season where the retro look would be trendy, this looks like a logical thing for Uniqlo to do. Plus, the stuff looks, rather fun.

There will be items covering pretty much all movies and characters Disney makes. From Mickey Mouse and all of his friends, to Star Wars, Frozen, Tinkerbell and many, many more. All of them will be true to the original versions of the given characters. There is also a line for the Pixar characters, including Monsters, Toy Story, Cars and etc. The collection is already on the Uniqlo online store and will be making its way to the retail branches, too.