Disney and Hasbro will make Avengers Playmation toys

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Disney and Hasbro will make Avengers Playmation toys
Image credit: Disney

Disney is banking heavily on the popularity of super hero movies. Now it is teaming with Hasbro to make a new line of Avengers Playmation toys.

Playmation is something like a real-life video game. It has a special device, called a Repulsor, which kids strap to their wrists like an Iron Man glove. It is the device which interacts with other components and brings them to life, so to say. It is also aiming to make kids more active, promoting more movement during play.

The Repulsor glove gives missions and sets goals. There will be 25 missions at launch with more added as time goes by, Hasbro says to iDigitalTimes. It is a new system of play which combines traditional play with new technologies.

The Repulsor will also give instructions what to do in order to pass the mission. For example to run or jump, or to dive out of harm’s way. The instructions are given via the voice of JARVIS, Iron Man’s personal virtual assistant. There are also other components which are parts of the mission. The goal usually is to shoot at a special base with the Repulsor.

“The starter pack comes with the Repulsor, two characters, and the bases. Here you can see we have the hero Captain America and the villain Red Skull,” Kaylie Nelson, PR for Hasbro says while showing off the demo units to the magazine. “There is also an app with added content that’s free for download. It’s not necessary for play, but enhances the play experience and adds some more value there.” There will be additional missions in the app, as well.

The Playmation concept starts with the Avengers, but it will continue to expand. There will be more franchises added, including Star Wars and Frozen, which are said to already be in the works.

“There are currently add-ons. This year is all about The Avengers, but you can buy different characters and different bases that are sold separately,” Nelson said. “The starter pack is sort of everything you need to get going.”