Disco Chateau wants to make a giant Cuddle Puddle with stuffed animals

Disco Chateau wants to make a giant Cuddle Puddle with stuffed animals

The Cuddle Puddle is seeking funding through Kickstarter to make a huge place during Burning Man 2015 where people can cuddle with stuffed animals and listen to music.

Organizers are the Disco Chateau and they want to make the biggest ever Cuddle Puddle for this year’s Burning Man 2015. “In 2014, the Cuddle Puddle was a basic, 20×40 sq ft structure that held over 700 teddy bears and thousands of stuffed animals. People from all over Burning Man came to spend time amongst the stuffed animals and other attendees. The Cuddle Puddle was full every day to the point that some people were not able to take part in the experience”, the organizers say.

“Our full vision this year is to create a 40×60 sq ft Cuddle Puddle. That is four times the size of last year’s! We want to shape a more customizable experience by adding a major LED light installation on the ceiling as well as buy a new 60×60 ft tent to protect cuddles and the animals from the elements”. They also need the money from their Kickstarter campaign for adding thousands of stuffed animals and pillows.

The camp members have already gathered 10 000 dollars of their own money for this year’s Cuddle Puddle. They need 10 000 more dollars to cover the cost of construction, stuffies, equipment.

People who choose to donate will be able to choose from many different ways. For example you can send a three-foot or even five-foot tall teddy bears to the Cuddle Puddle. The bigger donations also will bag you your own five-foot tall teddy bear just for you.

The campaign is on until July 25th, so there is still time to take part and help the Cuddle Puddle achieve it’s mission: “To create an interactive art space that offers a combination of relaxation, imagination, intimacy and cuddles”.