Did “The Simpsons” predict the Toys R Us downfall? Some people seem to think so

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Did "The Simpsons" predict the Toys R Us downfall? Some people seem to think so“The Simpsons” have a knack for predicting stuff. Now many people on the Internet believe the popular animated series predicted the downfall of Toys R Us. Not everyone are so sure about this, though.

The scene above is a screenshot from an episode of “The Simpsons” where we see people gathered to “remove” the Toys R Us sign.

It’s been shared online as an ominous sign that the show predicted the demise of Toys R Us. What’s even more freaky is that this episode first aired more than 14 years ago.

The scene shows Moe Szyslak climbing up a ladder and turning the backwards R on the Toys R Us sign the right way. As a result, kids in the area cry.

The store though wasn’t shut down. The R flipping was the adults’ way of attempting to destroy child-friendly stuff in the town.

Even so, this explanation is enough for people to think “The Simpsons” predicted the problems at Toys R Us. After all, you could say that kids could currently cry exactly people people in ladders will soon climb to the Toys R Us signs to take them down.

Of course, not everyone are convinced that this is accurate. Some people think the events aren’t related. Even so, “The Simpsons” have a history of making correct predictions.

The animated series has predicted that Donald Trump will be president of the US. They have also predicted Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance, Disney buying FOX TV and Film studious. The show has also predicted that the USA men’s curling team will win gold medals for the first time at the Winter Olympics.

So, you can see why people see a connection with the Toys R Us scene in “The Simpsons”. While the intent of the episode is different, the scene for sure looks creepy now as we look back.