Detective Pikachu is finally here and it polarized fans

Detective Pikachu is finally here and it polarized fansThe long-awaited Detective Pikachu movie is finally here. To mixed reviews and a lot of polarized fans. At the least it will offer a lot of toys.

Detective Pikachu s a hybrid between a live-action movie and CGI. The movie will please fans but it also creates some confusion.

It’s a movie which is based on a video game and that’s always a challenge. Historically movies which are based on video games have difficulties translating well to the big screen.

Still, Detective Pikachu has some experience in that area as there are plenty of movies and TV shows about Pikachu and Pokemon in general. Plus, this movie has Ryan Reynolds starring as the voice of Pikachu which always means a touch of extra craziness.

The movie is rated PG-13 but fans have issues with something else. They feel the story has a bit of an issue with the coherence. The movie also feels aimed at super fans with lots of tiny details a casual viewer won’t get. On the other hand, everyone agrees that the visual quality and CGI are quite good.

So, while some fans feel the story details could have been hashed out a bit better, the movie is still slated to be a success. Many fans will go to see it and Pokemon sure does have plenty of big fans which will be enough to make it a hit.

What about casual fans or people looking for a family-friendly movie? They may feel that Detective Pikachu is on the edge. It’s a bit of a “fan service” type of movie. These are plenty these days and it seems that they do well enough. One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of toys and plush Pikachus coming to the market as a result of this movie.