Detective Pikachu gets a new line of toys including a talking plush

Detective Pikachu gets a new line of toys including a talking plushThe Detective Pikachu movies is coming and the Pokemon Company wants to make sure we are all set for toys. So, it introduced a big toy line for Pikachu, IGN reports.

Wicked Cool Toys will make the first wave of Detective Pikachu toys. It will feature action figures, plushies and a special, interactive talking plush.

The talking plush Pikachu will have 14 responses, motorized ears and two voice modes. One will the the Detective Pikachu and the other – the classic Pikachu. The plushie will also rock a detective’s hat.

Wicked Cool Toys will also introduce a line of 2-inch and 3-inch figures for the main characters in the movie. The 3-inchers will be articulated. You can expect all of these toys in the stores from April 2019.

And there’s more. Mattel will launch a Mega Construx sets, a big 6.25-inch action figure and a Mr. Mime figure.

As you can expect, the Pokemon Company will also have lots of other stuff like shirts, mugs, caps, pins, etc. There’s also a Trading Card game coming and a lot more. So, if you’re a fan of Pikachu, you are definitely going to be spoiled for choice this Spring.