Denmark bans the popular Squishies toys

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Denmark bans the popular Squishies toysThe popular “Squishies” toys enjoy a lot of attention, but they have a big issue. Denmark has banned such toys out of feat they have dangerous chemicals.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has issued a warning that squishies may contain chemicals which are a risk to people’s health, Metro UK reports. The agency has tested 12 such toys and found bad chemicals in all of them.

And the bad chemicals are really bad. They pose risks for cancer, liver damage, breathing problems, infertility and eye irritation. Basically, you don’t want them anywhere near you or your kids.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, the Danish minister for environment and health, said: ‘When all twelve toys contain high amounts of harmful substances, alarm bells begin to go off. This indicates that there may be an overall problem with all squishies’.

Denmark has shared the results with many other countries. So far, it’s the only country that has banned these toys. The news though are circling the globe and have already reached New Zealand.

There’s some opposition, too. The Toy Industries Europe organization says testing only 12 toys is not enough to justify a complete ban on all such toys. Despite that the bans stands for now until there’s other data which proves otherwise.