Demi Moore loves to collect toys and stuffed animals, sees them as art

Demi Moore loves to collect toys and stuffed animals, sees them as artAs we’ve said many times before, many celebrities also love stuffed animals. You can now add Demi Moore to the list of avid plush collectors.

In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Demi Moore gets a special profile. In it, she’s the reveals she loves toys and stuffed animals.

In fact, she collects them “by the roomful”. This is Moore’s hobby and has been for years. And it has only become stronger as time goes by.

But for Moore the toys and stuffed animals are more than what they appear to be. She sees them as “figurative art”.

“And when I look at the little faces of things that I have, whether they’re like little animals or little something or others. I’ve always got little faces looking at me. If you go up and look at my carry-on bag, I have a little bear, and I have a little Dil Pickles, you know, from Rugrats?”

“I usually have a monkey in my purse too,” Moore adds. “It started with one I call purse monkey.”

Moore doesn’t say how many stuffed animals she has. It’s probably “a lot”. But you now know that yet another celebrity also loves stuffed animals. So, don’t feel “less of an adult” if you like plushies, too.