December will be Safe Toys and Gifts Month

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December will be Safe Toys and Gifts Month
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December 2015 will be Safe Toys and Gifts Month aiming to promote awareness about toy safety and education. Surveys show that a lot of children are injured by toys.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, hospital emergency rooms treated about 251,700 toy-related injuries in 2010 throughout the United States. 72% of them were people less than 15 years of age. This is where the Safe Toys and Gifts Month comes in. It is an annual campaign of Prevent Blindness America, which is a volunteer eye health and safety organization working to prevent blindness and save eye sight.

“Safe Toys and Gifts Month informs parents, grandparents and anyone with small children about how to avoid risks when buying toys and gifts. By keeping updated on the latest recalls and looking for specific safety labels before purchasing a gift, toy-related injuries can be reduced and prevented”, the official statement says.

“Another important safety precaution when purchasing gifts for young children is educating parents about the appropriate age range and skill set for each toy”, the statement reads. “Safe Toys and Gifts Month allows adults to become involved in the well-being of all children, especially during the holiday season, by monitoring the toys and gifts they are giving and receiving”.

The organizers are already seeking to raise awareness about the campaign. They are looking for businesses that would participate. This can be done in various ways. For example hosting donation boxes or donating themselves, sponsor events, sponsor a toy drive or take part in one to gather as much toys as possible which will be donated to children in need. The toys must pass all ASTM safety standards.

“On a smaller scale, businesses can simply promote the importance of safe toys and gifts by working with an EmbroidMe Resource Center to develop custom products emblazoned with the Prevent Blindness green emblem, and passing them out to staff and clients”, the statements adds. EmbroidMe features many child-friendly items including plush stuffed animals, glow-in-the-dark sunglasses, foam puzzles, kid-friendly art supplies and picture books featuring child safety themes.

“Businesses participating in Safe Toys and Gifts Month with EmbroidMe’s promotional products will be supporting the safety of children while simultaneously promoting their brands,” said Christine Marion, Director of Retail Operations for EmbroidMe. “EmbroidMe offers the ability to customize products that will convey the message that your company cares about promoting safe toys and gifts and has fun doing it.”

Even if you are not a business, you can still participate in the events of the Safe Toys and Gifts month in December. You can also help raise awareness.