Dangerous chemicals are found in toys in 26 countries

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Dangerous chemicals are found in toys in 26 countries
Archive picture, not of a toy known to be part of the survey

Dangerous chemicals are found in toys in 26 countries around the world. This is what a new survey says. What’s more there are even banned chemicals.

The study is carried by Toxics Link, The New Indian Express reports. According of the survey, there is presence of highly toxic flame retardants in chemicals.

They are mostly present in toys which are made from recycled plastics. The survey even found chemicals that can damage the nervous system and reduce intellectual capacity were found in Rubik’s Cubes. What’s more, some of the toxic chemical levels in the examined toys exceeded proposed hazardous waste limits.

The survey tested toys from 26 countries. It found that 90% of the samples contained some toxic substances. About 43% contained hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) which is globally banned by the Stockholm Convention.

Dangerous toys

Six samples from India were analyzed and found that four samples had elevated concentrations of toxic chemicals. These chemicals are persistent in the environment and known to harm the reproductive system and disrupt hormone systems, adversely impacting intelligence, attention, learning and memory.

“These toxic chemicals should not be present in children’s toys. The problem needs to be addressed immediately,” said Satish Sinha, Associate Director of Toxics Link.

This comes few days before the global Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention. It will decide whether to continue allowing the recycling of materials containing globally banned by Stockholm Convention.

“Recycling materials that contain toxic chemicals contaminates new products, continues exposure, and undermines the credibility of recycling,” said Joe DiGangi, Senior Science and Technical Advisor, IPEN.

What’s not said in the survey is whether the tested toys are original, unauthorized copies or from what brands are they. Most countries do have strict policies in place which check toys and other products for dangerous chemicals. Tested toys have a special mark on them, too. Even so, there are many cheap toys around the world which you don’t know what exactly they are using. So, it’s definitely a topic worth discussing and establishing better control.