Cyber Monday sales are starting early for top toy stores

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Cyber Monday sales are starting early for top toy stores
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Toys R Us, Walmart and Amazon are preparing for a big Cyber Monday toy sales. Actually, they will start a couple of days early to attract more interest.

Amazon is planning to start its Cyber Monday deals sales on Saturday. So if you want to get the hottest deals on toys and stuffed animals, you should be ready from there on. Of course Amazon might add special deals just for Sunday or just for Monday as well, so you will have to be on look out.

On Sunday at exactly 8 a.m. Toys R Us will start its Cyber Monday sales. A few hours later, at 5 p.m. Walmart will join the party, CNN reports. And if you are not yet confused, there’s more.

All three companies will continue their special deals campaign for a week. They are calling it “Cyber Week” which for Toys R Us and Amazon will last eight full days. This means there will be plenty of time to browse deals and find toys and stuffed animals on great prices.

Cyber Week also means there will be no need for you to rush on Black Friday to the stores, get pushed and crushed in the crowds and witness fights and arguments over the last available items.

Wondering what deals will there be? Well, the retailers are keeping most of the stuff under wraps not to be outdone by competitors and to raise further interest. But still, they are revealing some of their offers. Toys “R” Us is touting, among its steepest Cyber Sunday discounts, the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Gold Mine Mountain Set at half price, for $80. On Cyber Monday the retailer will have the Barbie Malibu Dream House for $95, down from $135, and the Tonka 12-volt Dump Truck Ride-On for $200, down from $350, CBS 6 reports.

Walmart is planning to offer lots of discounted items, toys, stuffed animals, even drones. Amazon is prepping a whole plethora of toys and products which would take ages to simply browse through.