Cutie Fruities plush toys make a successful US debut

Cutie Fruities plush toys make a successful US debutFood-shaped toys have been quite popular over the past few years. Now we have a new name on the market – Cutie Fruities plush toys.

They made a successful US debut and are preparing to go to the UK as well, ToyNews reports. This will happen around next spring or summer, when production capacity allows.

The collectable plush products launched with Walmart in June and eBay. It’s already selling products twice the retail purchase price. The US sales have so far exceeded expectations.

“We have been previewing retailers to plan for a spring/summer 2019 launch. I am delighted to confirm that Cutie Fruities will be TV advertised through the spring/summer season. We are always looking for signals that lines will work and the stats from the US are hard to argue with – the TV ad on its own has had in excess of 350,000 views on YouTube”, Kids@Play managing director, Nathaniel Southworth says.

The Cutie Fruities come in small smoothie-like cups. You then have to open them to see what you get. The box says there are “tons of sweet surprises” awaiting. Kids@Play plans for Cutie Fruities stock to be available from December this year. Prices start at £5.99.