Cutetitos are plush toys coming wrapped in a burrito

Cutetitos are plush toys coming wrapped in a burritoWell, this is a bit of a weird one. Do you like burritos? And do you like stuffed animals? Now you can have them both in one thanks to the Cutetitos.

The Cutetitos come from the company Basic Fun! At first sight, you’re looking at a tortilla, but when you touch it, you see that it’s a plush one.

Then you unwrap it and bingo. There’s no burrito, but a cute stuffed animal. There are several plushies which are collectibles.

Each plushie is about 7.5 inches long and looks very cute. They do have different personalities, though, reports.

“Each of the Cutetitos has a personality “Hot Spot”, which are essentially different levels of spiciness (mild, medium, hot, or super spicy). Each of the plush animals has its own name, as well as a birthday. They each come with a Pet Collector Card”, the site says.

The way the Cutetitos are packaged makes sure you can’t see what you’re getting. This keeps the element of blind bags and surprise toys which are quite popular these days. There are already several items and characters out. They all cost $9.99 a pop and are already on Amazon. You can also expect them in toy retailers. Shipping starts in October 2018.