Cuddle Clones makes a stuffed animal version of you pet

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Cuddle Clones makes a stuffed animal version of you pet
Image credit: Cuddle Clones

A company called Cuddle Clones can make realistic stuffed animal versions of  your pet. All they need is a detailed describtion and a few photos. Tempting to say the least.

Cuddle Clones have been around since about 2009. The idea is around 2005 when Jennifer Graham, the founder of the company thought it would be great to have a stuffed animal version of her Great Dane Rufus.

Graham has since founded Cuddle Clones in honor or Rufus’s memory. The company now makes figurines and other accessories for you and your pets. But the crown jewel is still the Cuddle Clones line where you can order an exact stuffed animal replica of your pet.

The company can do all kinds of animals. So even if you don’t have a pet, but have a favorite animal and want a realistic stuffed animal of it, you are good to go.

You have to provide a few pictures of your pet and extra describtion if you have special requests. You can also choose the position of the pet – sitting, standing, laying. Depending on the type of animal you want, you can also choose the shape and position of the ears, whether the mouth is opened or not and so on.

The end result are stuffed animals that look very realistic and just like your own pet down even to the smallest spot on his or hers face or paws. The prices are between 129 dollars and 199 dollars for larger animals. Usually a typical dog is between 13 and 17 inches in lenght depending n the breed. Horses are about 20 inches and smaller animals are between 4 and 8 inches in lenght.

You can also order a life-size Cuddle Clones version of your dog, but that is something you will have to first contact the company for. All toys are made out of premium plush materials the company says. They are with all the needed safety requrements. Typically you would have to wait for about four months to get your stuffed animal. If you are in a hurry you can get a 6 to 7 week express order for 50 dollars extra.