Crayola turns kids’ drawings into plush toys and stuffed animals

Image credit: Crayola

The business with custom stuffed animals is growing. Crayola is getting into it and it’ll turn your kid’s drawings into plush toys and other stuffies.

Children can and most often will, draw amazing things. Sometimes you like a drawing so much, you would like to do more with it. For example, turn it into a plush toy or a stuffed animal.

This can also be a great gift for the child if he or she especially likes the character they have drawn. There are already several other companies which recreate drawings into plush form. Now Crayola is getting in on the fun as well.

It has created the Crayola Imaginables service which takes care of the projects. All you have to do is take a photo of the drawing and send it over via the Imaginables website.

You can also add a description of the additional details you want. You can even upload pencil drawings with no color and either specify in what color you want the plushie or let the Crayola team take care of that. After the order is made, it takes up to four weeks to get it done and sent to you. The toys will be hand-made.

Custom plush toys
Image credit: Crayola

One order will cost you $99. This is a flat rate, no matter how detailed or colorful the drawing is. For this you get a 16-inch tall stuffed animal or plush toy which is a great size for playing and cuddling.¬†There are some additional terms though. Some accessories like weapons or details which can’t be recreated in plush form, will be left out. Drawings featuring profanity or copyrighted material will be rejected.

Crayola says recreating kids’ drawings into plush toys and stuffed animals is more than just for fun. According to the company this will help spark creativity and encourage children to explore more.