CPLG secures multiple licenses for Hatchimals stuff in the UK

CPLG secures multiple licenses for Hatchimals stuff in the UKCPLG has secured several new licenses from Spin Master for the Hatchimals in the UK. They are going to make lots of additional stuff with the Hatchimals brand, ToyNews reported.

This means that Spin Master is going along with the new strategy of expanding the Hatchimals brand. We are going to get a lot more Hatchimals stuff other than stuffed animals.

For example, Sambro is developing a range of arts and crafts and stationer products. Among them are craft eggs, magnetic scribblers, bags, luggage. There are even backpacks which have two-way sequins to reveal the Hatchimal inside the egg.

Sambro is also going to distribute a range of clip-on plush toys which are made by Wish Factory. They are already out in the US and now they are making their way to the UK.

Zak UK is offering lunchware, dinner and drinkware sets. Meanwhile MV Sports is going to offer a range of bikes, scooters, skates and protection gear. All of this is Hatchimal-branded. There’s more. In the health and beauty category, Corsair is developing a range of toiletries and cosmetics, including lip balms and nail varnish launching in time for the Christmas season, ToyNews adds.

Unique Industries on the other hand is going to offer a line of party paperware supplies for parties. Of course, they are also branded with the Hatchimals.

“We have seen an incredible response to Hatchimals from both licensees and retailers in the UK,” said John Taylor, commercial director UK, CPLG. “We’ve worked closely with Spin Master and licensees to develop some fantastic creative products which truly capture the magical element of the brand. We’re looking forward to seeing the first product launch at retail and bringing consumers deeper into the Hatchimals universe.”

“We are absolutely thrilled by the response to Hatchimals,” added Anna Hewitt, licensing director, Spin Master (UK) Ltd. “It’s rewarding to watch the growth of the brand as more and more licensees join in the fun and enchanting world of Hatchtopia through CPLG’s efforts.”

Long story short, there’s going to be a lot more Hatchimals stuff this year. Is Spin Master risking of overcooking and overdoing it? Probably. But for now, there seems to be more than enough of demand for the Hatchimals.