Cozy Hugs says it fixed the problem with bugs in stuffed animals

Cozy Hugs says it fixed the problem with bugs in stuffed animalsCozy Hugs recently made the news after two moms in Amity and Sherwood complained they found bugs in the stuffed animals. The company now admits there was a problem with bugs in their stuffed animals. But it also says it has taken the necessary measures to take care of the issue.

At first the comapny stayed silent. This gave its competition a chance to really hammer down on the issue. But now the firm has spoken in fron of KATU.

Arthur Moss, who is the president of sales for Goldessence Limited, says there were problems with bugs in Cozy Hugs stuffed animals just before the holidays of 2013. He claims that one of the factories the company used in China was supposed to go through the standard process of fumigating and radiating the products with gamma rays, which would kill any living creatures in the stuffed animals.

Moss believes the factory skipped that step intentionaly to cut corners and save money. He says that Goldessence Limited has stopped doing business with that factory and now tells factories in China that they have to wait for a company representative to be present before they can start the fumigation and radiation process.

He also states that some of the Cozy Hugs stuffed animals are now stuffed with ceramic beads instead of wheat or other organic materials. You can see on the label of the toy what kind of stuffing it has.

If you bought the toy around 2012 and 2013 and it is stuffed with wheat, you may want to check its insides for possible bugs. It depends on what factory made the given toy but you can’t know that so it is better to check to be safe. Stuffies from Cozy Hugs with ceramic beads filling or bought from 2014 onwards should be safe from bugs.

If you do find bugs in the toys, you can take the stuffing out and replace it with something else or you can throw it out. You can also file a complaint with the Food and Drug Administration. The bugs are not harmful to humans but it is still not something you want to see living in your stuffed animals.