Costco is selling a huge 93-inch tall teddy bear in the UK

Costco is selling a huge 93-inch tall teddy bear in the UKDo you want another teddy bear? Of course you do. How about a giant one? A whole 93-inch tall teddy bear? There’s one back at the Costco in Birmingham.

Costco has a tradition in which it releases the huge teddy bear in select stores from time to time. Now it’s back in Birmingham.

It’s nearly five feet tall while it’s sitting down. It weighs 19 kg (40 lbs). And yes, you can buy it. It’s not simply a display.

Currently there’s only one at the store and it is a display. But you can order one there or wait until they deliver more in time for Christmas. Costco is also selling them on its online store. The price? 250 British pounds.

If you’re planning on transporting this huge bear yourself, you better have a pretty big car or a truck for the occasion. If that bear is too big, Costco also has similar ones that are half the size and only 40 quid, Birmingham Mail reports.

So, is there such a thing as a too big teddy bear? Well, if you have a big enough house where to keep him and hoover him often from the dust, he might just be the ultimate addition to any stuffed animals collection. He is certainly cute and friendly and ready for adventures.