Cork Airport looks for the owner of this cute teddy bear

Cork Airport looks for the owner of this cute teddy bearKids often leave their favorite stuffed animals behind at airports. Luckily Cork Airport employees found this cute teddy bear and now look for its owner.

Often lost teddy bears and stuffed animals are not found by employees at airports. And they become missing. But sometimes they are lucky enough to be found.

This is the case with this cute pink teddy bear. “This pink Teddy should have been heading off on a flight earlier today,” Cork Airport posted on Facebook on February 5. “But got separated from his travelling companions. If you are missing Teddy please contact us. Teddy has had his dinner and tea and is relaxing in our lounge at present.”

People are actively looking for the owner. Still, now more than four days pass by, but no luck. Even so, the employees are taking good care of their guest.

Lost teddy bear at Cork Airport

They are taking their new furry friend on a tour all over the airport. He helped at the baggage claim, checked out the planes. He also relaxed at the piano and at the lounge. He even now has his own high visibility jacket.

The airport encourages people to share the story in order to hopefully find the owner of the teddy bear. So far, no luck, but there’s still hope.