Cool stuffed animals accessories

Cool stuffed animals accessoriesDo you want your stuffed animals to look even better? You may achieve that with some cool stuffed animals accessories. There are a lot of options available. No, really, a lot. Especially if you decide to improvise a bit.

But why would someone want stuffed animals accessories? What’s the point? Well you will make them look that much more special for one. And more unique. After all it’s your stuffed animals we’re talking about here and they deserve the best.

Convinced? Great. Now to the point. What can we do? Well, lets see.

Stuffed animals accessories


It’s the most obvious choice really. You can dress up your soft toys in funky clothes. There are many shops that offer quite a bit of variety.

But if those clothes are not to your tastes then what? Well considering that most stuffed animals are baby sized you could probably find some baby clothes to use as well.

And if you’re skilled with the needle and thread, you can actually make some clothes yourself. In this case the only limit is your own creativity. We would love to see your work if you have any. Here are some basic tips.

Other stuffed animals accessories

Maybe your stuffie has good enough clothes or doesn’t need any? Or you want to complete the new look with some extra bling.

Then you could use some old sunglasses, hats, rings… It all depends on how big the stuffed animal in question is. In most cases though you will be able to find some old stuff that can have a new life as the personal belongings of your plush friends.

You can also make them something special. Llike a ring or a necklace from beads for example. Again, the only limit here is your creativity but after all try to focus the new accesorie to suit the stuffed animal in question, its character and image.

Speaking of which, you can actually completely change the appearance of a stuffed animal with some accessories. You can make them take various roles, have new outfits for them… It is a very nice way to spend some creative time and relax from the everyday stress.

Have you got or made some cool stuffed animals accessories? We’d love to see them in the comments or in our forum.