Clarkson University is hosting a Teddy Bear Toss

Clarkson University is hosting a Teddy Bear Toss
Image credit: Clarkson University

Clarkson University is going to host a special Teddy Bear Toss on Feb. 7th. The donated stuffies during the Men’s Hockey game will go to┬álocal hospitals.

This is going to be the second annual Teddy Bear Toss that the Physician Assistant Program at the Clakrson University is hosting. On February 7th the Men’s Hockey game against RPI will be held at the university.

Every visitor who brings a stuffed animal will get a free admision ticket for the game. If the stuffed animal is already cleaned and wrapped in plastic, the visitor will receive a free ticket to an upcoming game of the defending National Championship Women’s Hockey team.

If you don’t have plastic of forget, don’t worry. There will be students from Clarkson University on hand to help you out at the game.

The Teddy Bear Toss will occur either after the first Clarkson goal or at the end of the first period, whichever occurs first. Participants will then be invited to toss their stuffed animals onto the ice at that time.

Donations will go to local hospitals. Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Claxton Hepburn Medical Center, Massena Memorial Hospital, Gouverneur Hospital, Alice Hyde Medical Center, Adirondack Medical Center, Carthage Area Hospital and the Guthrie Clinic at Fort Drum will be among the ones that will receive the donations. Of course, the more stuffies brought to the Teddy Bear Toss, the more hospitals will receive toys.

Last year more than 500 stuffed animals were donated thanks to the Teddy Bear Toss, says Clarkson University. “The Teddy Bear Toss allows us to combine the excitement of Clarkson hockey with providing a wonderful gift to a child that may having a difficult time due to health problems or just needs a boost while visiting a local hospital or clinic. Our inaugural Teddy Bear Toss last year was successful beyond our greatest expectations. We hope the community and the Clarkson hockey fans will come through for the kids again this year”, says Michael Whitehead, Clarkson Physician Assistant Studies Chair & Clinical Associate Professor.