“Christopher Robin” is finally in the cinemas and the reviews are good

"Christopher Robin" is finally in the cinemas and the reviews are goodAfter a long wait, Disney’s “Christopher Robin” movie is finally in the cinemas. And the first reviews are already out. So, is the movie worth the wait?

It seems so. “A nostalgic throwback the whole family will enjoy”, says Meaww. And this is a great gist of the feeling among most critics.

The story follows Christopher Robin who is now middle-aged and has lost his zest for life. He’s now overworked, has little time for his family and has a lot of work problems. Basically it’s a story for overworked dads, one critic says.

Meanwhile Pooh also has a big problem. Some of his friends at the Hundred Acre Wood are missing. So Pooh goes to London to find Christopher Robin and both life-long friends are reunited right when they need each other the most.

What follows is a touching story with lots of classic Pooh one-liners, touching moments, heart-felt messages and so on. It’s a typical Disney movie which blends well the CGI world with the live-action.

“Christopher Robin” is out starting today, August 3 in the US. The movie will make it’s way to the UK and other countries from August 17.

The CGI Pooh looks quite real. He’s a blend from the original look of the world’s favorite teddy bear along with 1960s Disney art. Michael Kutsche has created this new Pooh. “Usually you just go from design to CG and see it in the final film,” he said to The Wrap. “But to actually see and feel the weight and the texture of the fur that I had in mind was so remarkable. Usually my job is so abstract and distant, but actually holding him felt like becoming a father in a weird way.”

“Christopher Robin” definitely has a lot of potential to be a big hit for Disney. And it also brings a lot of opportunities for themed stuffed animals. So, keep your eyes peeled for those.