Christmas activities for stuffed animals

Christmas activities for stuffed animalsChristmas is a great time for extra fun. You have some free time and often plan some activities. This year you should include your stuffed animals in those activities too.

Feeling weird about that? Don’t be. There are lots of activities that stuffed animals can be taken to with no problems at all.

Here are some Christmas activities for stuffed animals

Some of the stuff can be done in the days after Christmas. There will still be many Christmas-related event, so don’t worry if you want to do more than one thing but have no time in a day or so.

Family reunion

This is the obvious one. Most families tend to get together for the holidays. Stuffed animals are part of the family in a way. So take a couple of them to the family reunion. Simply place them somewhere in the room. Maybe even take a few pictures with them for memories. It’s little things like that that make stuffed animals feel loved and appreciated.

Christmas themed teddy bear picnic

Or you can attend or even organize a special themed party. Like a Christmas Teddy bear picnic. We have a few tips to help you out. It can be a great way to spend the holiday and make some new friends.

Go to the zoo

Take the kids and a couple of stuffed animals to meet them with their real friends. It would also make for some great pictures.

Go to a fun park

Depending on where you live, the weather might be permitting to go to a fun park and have some fun on the rides. Just be sure to hold the stuffed animals tightly so you don’t drop them on some of the more scary rides.

Go skiing

If there’s enough snow around where you live, you can have some fun by skiing, sledges, snowboards and etc. Or simply make a snowman with the help of your stuffies.

Simply stay home and cosy

Sometimes all you want is some “me” time. Put on a few favorite movies, get a interesting book or play some games. Stay home, cuddle with your stuffies, be warm and cosy and relax.

Arts & Crafts

Or how about make it a day of creating new things. Build a scale model, make beading necklaces for you and your stuffed friends. Draw a nice picture for a gift to a loved one. Let your stuffed animals participate.

Those are just some ideas of Christmas activities with your stuffed animals. What are you doing during the holidays? Or do you have other tips? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.